• Once Upon a Time

    I'm sure everything I read as a kid began with these all-too-well-known words: a promising start to an exciting story where one would lose one’s self in a world of godmothers’ wands and wizard’s hats, boiling cauldrons and magic potions, glass slippers and fairy dust. We thought it ended when we left those books on a dusty bookshelf and, as the world so calls it, “grew-up”.

    Fortunately for us, we then discovered a magical world of beauty products. And that has given us another way to enjoy our fairytales…lived out in everyday glamour! From body butters, lash-enhancing mascaras, glitzy hair bits, foot-wrapping moisturiser, hot-spot spas, what gal doesn’t want to indulge herself in this kind of fairytale…?

Keeping the Body paced with the Brain

Taking my 83-year old Gran for a walk around Rondebosch Common a couple of months ago, I was startled with the words that came out of her frail body. “You know,” she says, “I don’t feel old. My body just doesn’t do what my mind thinks it can anymore.” And her words have stuck with … Continue reading

3 Swishes to Sexy Eyes

I was at a friend’s 21st a couple of weeks ago, and I got asked how I achieve my eye-look. I was flattered and, in the conversation that ensued, agreed how all the ‘steps’ are out there, on achieving the ‘professional’ make-up look, are so complicated! Having been asked to do a make-up demo at … Continue reading

Make-Up Photo Shoot

Earlier in the year a good friend of mine (Jono van Deventer) used his incredible talent as a photographer to capture some of my work on camera – to add to my make-up portfolio. I thought you might like to see some of the final edits…? A big thank-you to Jono and to my models, … Continue reading

Facebook Poll – What do you have to say about wearing make-up?

Ola lovely readers! Please go and have your say on my poll on Facebook. You can click on the ‘Cleopatra’s Beauty Box’ page on the right, or on https://www.facebook.com/CleopatrasBeautyBox Your opinions will be forming part of my next blog post 🙂 Thanks beauties!!!

Nail Design Inspiration

So this weekend it’s my birthday bash! And other than the fact that any reason is a good excuse to schedule myself some ‘me-time’ to do my nails, I want to do something fresh and exciting, in line with my ‘Pink & White’ theme! And I thought I’d share my finds with you…. Okay, so … Continue reading