An Introduction…

My fascination for make-up and cosmetics started when I was a little girl. At age 5-years, I remember taking my mum’s favourite lipstick and trying “a little”. When I showed my highly unimpressed mother, she pointed out that not only had I applied it to every possible area of my face, but that I had now finished the entire tube!

Today, I astound people when they see the size of my make-up box or the store of every kind of beauty product in my bathroom cabinet. My absolute delight in discovering cosmetics and beauty products knows no boundaries. From my favourite moisturiser down to my French manicure polishes, I have spent years of “trial-ing” and “error-ing” to find my favourite beauty secrets….and here’s where I want to share them with you!


Straighteners, hair sprays, treatments and curlers,

hairdressers, rollers, serums and colours…

Bath bombs, fake tan, foot scrubs and body butters,

perfumes, face masks, hand creams and body wrappers…

Shadows, shimmers, mascaras and liners,

foundations, glosses, powders and primers…

If these are a part of your beauty box,

you and I will have a friendship that rocks;

Cleopatra and I share the same passion here –

Wherever there’s make-up, cosmetics or hair!



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