A Blushing Confession

Finally, I’m packed. 5 days of laziness to come, 4 carry bags of food waiting, 3 bags with clothing, bedding and (inevitably) cosmetics bulging, 2 minutes until I’m picked up and 1 very stressful morning…

Needless to say, my half-hearted attempt at travelling make-up free hasn’t gone quite according to plan. I’m one of those people that just can’t not be prepared for the unexpected. Last time I went away, we had an impromptu photoshoot. And I can assure you that never have myself, nor my girlfriends, appreciated the basics of make-up so much as in the few minutes prior to that!

So here it is, I confess that a mascara, an eyeliner, a concealer, a brow pencil and a blush have found their way into my bulging bags! I’ll let you know how my skin ‘detox’ goes…..til Friday then! In haste…. x x

One Response to “A Blushing Confession”
  1. Alan says:

    Have a fun time! At least you have got your priorities right! …with the food that is….or was it the make up?

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