Back…with Blemishes!

I’m back! Yes, I had an amazing break, out of town, away from responsibilities and the rat-race we call life. It’s been a rather rude awakening being back in town, back at work and back to chaos! Everything is happening….! But, as promised, here is my update on my ‘detox’.


I really didn’t wear any make-up for 3 whole days. And with all my effort (of abstinence) you’d think my skin would have the decency – compassion even – to return to ‘normal’ (although let’s be honest, it takes a break-out to make us appreciate having ‘normal’ skin the rest of the time).  But to my distress, my skin has continued with its tantrum.

Therefore, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only advantage of having breakouts (if one can call it an advantage!) is that one gets the opportunity to find ways of ‘encouraging’ the skin to return to more glorious states. This brings us to my beauty secret for you today. Toothpaste. Yes, I am not kidding! Plain Colgate toothpaste on those unwelcome blemishes does wonders overnight. Try it! Just a little blob on each spot. I dare you….and get back to me 🙂 I wanna hear what you think!


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