How to Nail the Start of the Week

It’s Sunday night, and I’ve been avoiding thinking about this all day, but it’s now staring me in the face: the mountainous pile of ‘to-do’ lists scattered on my desk! Obviously this is my cue to find whatever I can, to keep my mind off what I will attempt to achieve over the next 5 days…

Tonight, it’s nails! I tend to play it neutral, when it comes to colours, for two reasons. Firstly, I am one of those women that cannot wear an outfit that I consider mismatching (and nails are part of my outfit). And two, I never have enough time to change my nail colour as often as I change my outfit! (Have you picked up that I’m a ‘girlie girl’?!)

A little bottle of ‘French Glam’ by Essence is the perfect solution to my pernickety plight. The white-wash colour can be used to paint both the tip of a ‘Frenchie’ and then the top coat too. Result? A very natural-looking French manicure that lasts several days without chipping…and that’s not overlooking how fussy I am!

Are you giving yourself a Sunday night special? What’s keeping your mind off the roller-coaster ride of a week ahead?


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