Glowing, shimmering, shining hair

It’s hard to know what to write, when my mind is definitely not in make-up mode. However, it’s a decidedly good thing for me to concentrate on something else for a while (at least!). Yesterday I went on a bit of a shopping splurge. Don’t ask me what I brought – I haven’t got a clue!!! It was more a distraction. But, I did get some more hair care…..and that got me thinking about, well, hair!

How is it that TV commercials/advertisements always show such flowing, glowing hair…and yet, at home, well it doesn’t really have the same effect! I’m a HUGE fan of glowing hair (make that anything….face, nails, body!) and so over the years, through trial and error, have discovered 3 products that I really recommend if you want that non-greasy shine!

1 – At number 1 is Umberto Gianni’s ‘Dazzling Shine Glossing Mist’. It’s a tad pricey (compared to some high street products) but definitely worth the investment. The tall, yellow spray can glosses on a light ‘shiny’ layer and lasts ages if you use it sparingly – which I’d advise as you don’t want to look greasy!

2 – In second place, Schwarzkopf Professional’s (OSiS+) ‘Sparkler Gloss Shine Spray’. First of all, it smells delicious! Admittedly it smells a tad manly – but that’s okay cos if you know a well-groomed man, this only brings good associations!

3 – On a tighter budget, Kair’s ‘Strengthening Silicone Serum’ is a good buy and adds a lovely shine. Application is a little more sticky (excuse the pun!) as it is dispensed as a gel. I’d recommend a peanut-sized amount and, using your hands, start at the ends of your hair massaging it towards the roots.

Do you have a ‘glowing’ secret to get that hair shimmering? Everyone loves healthy hair, so be a dear and share those tips with the rest of us gals …


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