Ra Ra Ra RAVE!

Yes, I’m raving. If you’ve got it you’ll know why, and when you’ve tried it, you’ll join me! Maxfactor’s ‘Miracle Touch Liquid Illiusion Foundation’.

C’est magnifique!!!

I don’t speak French (or any other language other than English) but this stuff makes me wanna “SHOUT SHOUT SHOUT” (you know the song?)! Anyways, you know how we are all after that perfect, flawless look? And how foundations always have an orange undertone to them, making this near impossible? Like when you use a shade darker than you should, and it looks like fake-tan gone wrong..? Say hello to the new undertone: brown.

I use the ‘Warm Almond’ shade. And love it! Recently a dear friend of mine (Sam), on putting together her shopping list for her holiday abroad, asked me what foundation I was using cos “it just makes the skin look so naturally good”. There you go!

The stuff is smooth and consistency, perfect – not too solid, but doesn’t run either. It comes in a neat little palette, complete with sponge, and adjusts to all skin textures evenly.

I don’t get paid to advertise. I just tell you what I like. Just saying…


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