Aging Ignorance

It’s a stunningly sunny day in Cape Town. It makes me so happy when the sun is shining! However, for years I’ve ignored the fact that the sun does me more damage than it does good. My Mum has always pushed us to cover up and layer on the sun-cream with any exposure to this hot ball of gas…and sadly, it’s only now that I’m actually appreciating why!

The sun produces 2 types of ‘rays’: UVA and UVB. Think of them like this: UVA = ‘U Vill Age’ and UVB = ‘U Vill Burn’. UVA rays cause long-term damage, mostly under the skin, which shows slowly in the forms of wrinkles and sun spots. UVB rays cause more instant damage – sun burn – but also help speed up the aging process. And the first place this all shows? Your face!

So what to do? Prevention is better than cure (or surgery, your only youthful alternative)… Wearing a moisturiser with an SPF (skin protection factor) of 15, or more, everyday is a good habit to get into. (SPF15 means you will be protected from the sun 15 times longer than you would without sun cream. E.g. – if it takes you 10minutes in the sun to start burning, an SPF15 will help prevent burning for 150minutes.) If you’re outdoors a lot, wear a higher SPF and apply regularly. Even if you hardly go in the sun, you should still use an SPF moisturiser!

This is my humble understanding of the damage the sun causes everyday (feel free to add your 2 cents!). And yes, we will all age eventually, but don’t you want that process to be a slower, more beautiful one? I know for those of us in the Southern hemisphere it’s winter and the sun is weaker, but what better time to start getting into a good routine???? And if you’re enjoying warmer weather in the Northern hemisphere, don’t think that 9 months of winter is an excuse to go wild in the 3 months of sun!

Try Elizabeth Arden’s SPF50 ‘8-Hour Cream’. Water resistant, light, non-sticky, good fragrance and best of all..rubs into all skin types – no white marks!!!


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