You are what you EAT!

First of all, for those of you that know the show (‘You are what you eat’), I’m not actually a fan….but I do think they have a good point! And as I have not been so well lately (hence the lack of blog!) I am aware of how much my body relies on what I put in to keep itself going. Being ill has to be one of the worst feelings? No matter how clean your hair is, or how clear your skin is….you don’t look your best, and what’s worse is you know it!!! I realise that it’s the middle of winter here and that the summer sun is still months away from peeling off my layers….but I’ve decided that fit and healthy is something I want to start NOW! And it all begins with what I eat…


To start with…breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’m loving fresh fruit topped with yogurt and a handful of muesli. Anything with oats sustains your energy levels for longer – leaving you less likely to be nibbling again before lunch.


I was raised eating ‘main’ meals at dinner – the rounded protein, carbs and veg. But I’ve found that eating a larger meal at lunch helps sustain me in the mid-afternoon nap temptation! Also, eating the larger portion of your daily carbs earlier in the day helps ensure you get to use all that carb-fuelled energy, instead of allowing your body to store it.


And so I have home-made soup for dinner….mostly vegetables! And when I haven’t had time to cook, resort to protein in the form of white meat. Even if I’m not the”super-skinny” size 0, I feel happier and healthier!


I decided a looooong time ago that I am NOT one for diets. But a healthy lifestyle is something I am becoming to think more and more important…especially in the long-term scheme of thing! I get bored quickly though…anyone else got some healthy eating vibes they wanna share???

One Response to “You are what you EAT!”
  1. Megan says:

    Since coming back to CT for second semester, I have also been doing some thinking about my eating habits and wondering how to go about being healthy while I am away from home and mom’s cooking. I think my main simple approaches, as a starting point, are to drink WATER! and to have small, healthy snacks like apples or other fruit inbetween meals when I need them. I am hopeless at drinking water consistently during the day, and often get to the evening and realise I haven’t had any since swallowing my vitamins after breakfast! So that’s a biggie for me, especially in winter.

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