A Friday Night Frolic

On Friday night, my housemate Colin made the ill-fated move of inviting a couple of our girlfriends (Olivia and Laura) around for dinner…I think it was very brave of him personally. When you end up in a relatively stress-free environment on a Friday night and the get-together is majority female….life, as boys know it, becomes girlified! Not only had he made his fateful move, but to add insult to injury, Olivia had just been to a Cape Town Fashion week show and had brought the goodie bag around – much to mine and Laura’s delight! I don’t think Colin was much taken with our fabulously flushed faces – and even less so with our fuschia pink MAC lipgloss (which may I just say was delicious…or smelt like it at least!)!!!

As if his evening could not be more glamorous (after our pouts were perfected) we moved on to refining our manicuring abilities! Trying out Esse’s faded grey, to Boujoir’s ‘Rouge Venise’ topped off with ‘Must-Have’ by Essence, our giggles often drowning out the sound of the chick-flick (obviously our choice!) playing in the background. Don’t feel too bad for the boy though, wherever the girls gather…there’s sure to be plenty of chocolate, dessert and junk food! And really, let’s face it…..what boy doesn’t love being the only male in a crowd of giggling girls!

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