Winter Warmers: Wax?

Yup, most of us will admit that shaving/waxing/epilating our legs gets severely neglected during the winter months! (Sorry to break it to you boys…) With the lack of warmth, lack of sun and overdose of jeans and leggings, our white pins are left to the elements until the first signs of summer…..and then we panic!

I for one will admit that even at the highest heats in summer, I hate shaving! Such a mission….and only to have to do it again a few days or weeks later – if you’re lucky! I made a very good move in my early teens by never shaving and only waxing, and I definitely reap the rewards now! Not only is my hair so fine and light, but it takes ages to grow – making shaving something I hardly ever do! (Admittedly it should probably be more often!)

So I thought I’d suggest it to you….instead of living in those longs all through winter, use this chance to whip out the wax  and slather on some warmth! What better weather to pour burning bees nests on one’s legs anyway?????! Lol..


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