How to Win your lady Without a Word

I have gathered over the course of the last month that some of my readers are of the male variety! Of course I’m flattered…even though you (as a guy) may be reading it for laughs! The other night I was chatting to a special friend of mine (Cherylene) and we decided that it actually might be good for you (guys) to know that we actually do appreciate a well-groomed guy – just as much as you (even though you may not realise it) appreciate our many hours of beautifying! Based on the many hours we spend dolling ourselves up for you each week, a few minutes of your time each day will go a looooooooong way in making a good impression last on that special someone or in catching the future lady’s eye! So here’s some stuff that a few gal-friends and I thought you might like to know…and hey! This goes for all us ladies too…

1)      The first thing most girls notice about a guy would arguably be his face – unless your biceps are bigger than your head (in which case your ego is probably way out of proportion too). Looking after it (your face) therefore, is pretty much common sense. A good wash every morning and some moisturiser (preferably with some sun protection factor) will really up your odds… me, a girl will totally read into this (in a good way)!

2)      Scientists say that smell influences the partners we choose. Remembering to put deodorant on every morning is something everyone should prioritise. But, if you boys really wanna get the gal’s knees weak…a bit of cologne will be sure to have her melting in your arms. I chose the words ‘a bit’ specifically to point out to the playboy-wannabe’s out there that reeking of cologne is very unattractive. In truth, too overbearing. So please don’t feel like you need to finish the bottle in one go! Oh and, a Portugese shower may be okay now and again (when desperate measures are called for) but a freshly showered girl or guy makes ALL the difference.

3)      I have a friend who will only date guys whose teeth she approves of. She has a point, even if it is a tad drastic. They’ve got to last us a lifetime anyway (unless you want the Simon-Cowell-veneers) so before we even talk the attractive-factor, think about how you are going to eat in 20years time. And just in case you’re not convinced, fresh breath is a huge brownie-points scorer (especially if you’re hoping to get cosy)!

4)      We see it in movies so much…the dirty bachelor who sleeps with endless numbers of women. SO not true! In real life, let me assure you that a dirty man (no matter how good looking) is simply unappealing. Wearing the same pair of jeans for 6 days is gross and most females would rather show you how to work your washing machine instead of having lunch with you.

5)      Nails. How many of you guys have complained at/about female friends that nit-pick at the tiny details. Well, if they’re complaining to your face, it sure ain’t doing you any favours behind your back! Keeping your nails clean and cut back is something us women notice. Look after your hands!

In conclusion, basically everything you do in looking after yourself can be seen as a reflection of how you will look after your lady – and also how you will age! Taking the time to do it now while you are still ahead of the time-age effect will reward you immensely in the long-run.

5 Responses to “How to Win your lady Without a Word”
  1. Kirsti Bauer says:

    Hilarious! I love it 😀 making the world a better place Ruth!

  2. Kaylynn says:

    Wish guys would take note!!!!

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