Nail Design Inspiration

So this weekend it’s my birthday bash! And other than the fact that any reason is a good excuse to schedule myself some ‘me-time’ to do my nails, I want to do something fresh and exciting, in line with my ‘Pink & White’ theme! And I thought I’d share my finds with you….

Okay, so the funky rainbow coloured nails….cool, but more suited to a lumo party or an 80s disco. Also, although the pink features…It doesn’t scream sophisticated (which hopefully the girly party will).

I like the stripes, even though I think this red & white contrast is a little too much of Christmas for the middle of August. But it’s an idea I’ll look into in the future….maybe with a mulberry purple and mauve???

Okay, so I love the idea of being able to do this fine art on my nails, but sadly I do not have the nail tubes pictured above – and I can assure you that my handiwork with a toothpick will come out nowhere near as stunning as this!!!! Neeeeeext….

My friend (Cara-Leigh) told me about this idea last night – how awesome is this look?! I love it…. Check out ‘Lacquer Glamour’: for the ‘how-to’ in achieving this look! Gotta try it sometime….but not sure this is the right time? Tempted….

Okay, my final idea before I resort to the old, faithful, white & pink Frenchie….

I think the combination of the classic French tips and the bling of the glitter is a fab mix! It’s not in your face, but it’s got detail and it’s different….. What do you say? The glitter? The Frenchie? Or the newpaper? Hope you’ve been inspired .. x o x o

4 Responses to “Nail Design Inspiration”
  1. Jessy Dudley says:

    Glitter!!! 🙂 Do it … its your birthday so why not! Do you have pink glitter though? Mmm and did I miss something… I didn’t know it was pink/white theme… must we dress in those colours to the braai? Much love xox PS The newspaper nails are awesome too.

  2. Kirsti Bauer says:

    I’m with Jess pn the glitter; pink glitter on the white of a typical French would be lovely!! 🙂 saw Cara-Leigh also posted a lace nails idea on your FB wall – that was beautiful! But any idea how to do it? x

  3. Kirsti Bauer says:

    oh haha Jess u are about 100 steps ahead of me!! ;-*)

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