3 Swishes to Sexy Eyes

I was at a friend’s 21st a couple of weeks ago, and I got asked how I achieve my eye-look. I was flattered and, in the conversation that ensued, agreed how all the ‘steps’ are out there, on achieving the ‘professional’ make-up look, are so complicated! Having been asked to do a make-up demo at Herschle Girls this week, I thought I’d use my prep time to show how quick and easy glamour can be! Sexy eyes don’t need hours of indulgent professionalism; all you need is 3 colours and some practice!

So as a little preview of what I will be sharing with the ladies this week, here’s 3 swishes to sexy eyes!

Before you begin, make sure you have 3 different shades of eyeshadow (preferably powder) that work together – eg a dark brown, a gold and a white.

Or a dark blue, silver (medium shade) and pale blue. You want the very pale colour to highlight your brow bone, the dark shade to line your contour and the medium shade to fill-in your lid.

Step 1 – Just under your eyebrow, use your pale shade – eg, white or pale blue etc – to highlight your brow bone. (Sorry about the photo quality)

Step 2 – On your actual eye lid (from your eyelashes to the back of your eyeball) brush on your medium shade (gold or silver).

Step 3 – Take your dark shade and carefully fill in the contour under your brow bone – the ‘crease’ on your eye lid.

Depending how careful you are, you may want to touch up your lighter colours when you have finished putting your dark shade on. Now you can add eyeliner and mascara, a touch of rouge and you’re ready to hit the streets!

Here’s an extra tip…powdery eye shadows can easily be rubbed off or, in some cases, gradually disappear as the day goes by. If you apply your foundation first, you can use the residue left on your fingers to lightly coat your lids before applying eye shadows. This will help the powder to stick, and (in not applying too much base) will prevent the eye-shadow creasing that is common with liquid colours.

Thank you to the lovely Sam for sitting as my model!


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