Keeping the Body paced with the Brain

Taking my 83-year old Gran for a walk around Rondebosch Common a couple of months ago, I was startled with the words that came out of her frail body. “You know,” she says, “I don’t feel old. My body just doesn’t do what my mind thinks it can anymore.” And her words have stuck with me since.

None of us relish the idea of getting older – being dependant on other people for our basic movements. Yet in our youthful ignorance we somehow feel invincible to the aging adage. The last few years have been a painful wake-up to the truth that, while I am still young, time ticks ever-faster, and my body wears with each day passing. It is sadly only now as I hit my mid-twenties (still feeling sixteen) that I realise the value of looking after every aspect of my well-being.

This time last year I’d been on 5 antibiotics, two visits to the doctor, 4 weeks of not being well and many hours of feeling miserable. With a bit more effort in following a more balanced diet and a bout of regular exercise, I’m feeling fitter and happier than I have been in years!

So, as hard as my day has been, I’m about to turn on the music, put my sports gear on and head off to teach my Friday afternoon class at Body & Soul (which if you live in Cape Town, you should totally come to!!!). If you don’t exercise regularly, I’d positively force you to do so – should I be anywhere near when you are reading this. A run around your neighbourhood, a gym class several times a week….most of all, a balanced variety of exercise combined with a healthy eating plan will have you on your way to keeping your body in running order for the tougher years to come.

For affordable fitness classes near you (worldwide), check out

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