Nail Design Inspiration

So this weekend it’s my birthday bash! And other than the fact that any reason is a good excuse to schedule myself some ‘me-time’ to do my nails, I want to do something fresh and exciting, in line with my ‘Pink & White’ theme! And I thought I’d share my finds with you…. Okay, so … Continue reading

A Friday Night Frolic

On Friday night, my housemate Colin made the ill-fated move of inviting a couple of our girlfriends (Olivia and Laura) around for dinner…I think it was very brave of him personally. When you end up in a relatively stress-free environment on a Friday night and the get-together is majority female….life, as boys know it, becomes … Continue reading

How to Nail the Start of the Week

It’s Sunday night, and I’ve been avoiding thinking about this all day, but it’s now staring me in the face: the mountainous pile of ‘to-do’ lists scattered on my desk! Obviously this is my cue to find whatever I can, to keep my mind off what I will attempt to achieve over the next 5 … Continue reading