Meet the Make-up Missy


…grew up in Zimbabwe, spent almost 2years working in London (UK) before moving to Cape Town – where I am currently.

…am studying a bachelor of Business Administration

…work part-time as the Personal Assistant to a Managing Director.

…instruct a Body&Soul Fitness aerobics class (come along!)

…do freelance make-up artistry – when I get the chance!

…love all things ‘girly’ – fashion, friends, pinks, purples, shopping, socialising, cosmetics and definitely MAKE-UP!

…love God, have  a zeal for life, always have time for the people I love, appreciate a good laugh and am probably too ambitious for my own good!

…think that’s a pretty good summary – for now…

2 Responses to “Meet the Make-up Missy”
  1. Nicola says:

    This amazing woman is my sister!? you are gorgeous ruth, as is the blog!! Loved your ‘How to win your lady!! So true! guys may not care but girls do… Luv u XXX

  2. makeupmissy says:

    thank you gorgeous 🙂 Glad you love it!!! Appreciate your support 🙂 🙂 🙂 x x

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