How to Win your lady Without a Word

I have gathered over the course of the last month that some of my readers are of the male variety! Of course I’m flattered…even though you (as a guy) may be reading it for laughs! The other night I was chatting to a special friend of mine (Cherylene) and we decided that it actually might … Continue reading

Winter Warmers: Wax?

Yup, most of us will admit that shaving/waxing/epilating our legs gets severely neglected during the winter months! (Sorry to break it to you boys…) With the lack of warmth, lack of sun and overdose of jeans and leggings, our white pins are left to the elements until the first signs of summer…..and then we panic! … Continue reading

A Friday Night Frolic

On Friday night, my housemate Colin made the ill-fated move of inviting a couple of our girlfriends (Olivia and Laura) around for dinner…I think it was very brave of him personally. When you end up in a relatively stress-free environment on a Friday night and the get-together is majority female….life, as boys know it, becomes … Continue reading

You are what you EAT!

First of all, for those of you that know the show (‘You are what you eat’), I’m not actually a fan….but I do think they have a good point! And as I have not been so well lately (hence the lack of blog!) I am aware of how much my body relies on what I … Continue reading

Aging Ignorance

It’s a stunningly sunny day in Cape Town. It makes me so happy when the sun is shining! However, for years I’ve ignored the fact that the sun does me more damage than it does good. My Mum has always pushed us to cover up and layer on the sun-cream with any exposure to this … Continue reading