3 Swishes to Sexy Eyes

I was at a friend’s 21st a couple of weeks ago, and I got asked how I achieve my eye-look. I was flattered and, in the conversation that ensued, agreed how all the ‘steps’ are out there, on achieving the ‘professional’ make-up look, are so complicated! Having been asked to do a make-up demo at … Continue reading

Facebook Poll – What do you have to say about wearing make-up?

Ola lovely readers! Please go and have your say on my poll on Facebook. You can click on the ‘Cleopatra’s Beauty Box’ page on the right, or on https://www.facebook.com/CleopatrasBeautyBox Your opinions will be forming part of my next blog post 🙂 Thanks beauties!!!

How to Nail the Start of the Week

It’s Sunday night, and I’ve been avoiding thinking about this all day, but it’s now staring me in the face: the mountainous pile of ‘to-do’ lists scattered on my desk! Obviously this is my cue to find whatever I can, to keep my mind off what I will attempt to achieve over the next 5 … Continue reading

An Introduction…

My fascination for make-up and cosmetics started when I was a little girl. At age 5-years, I remember taking my mum’s favourite lipstick and trying “a little”. When I showed my highly unimpressed mother, she pointed out that not only had I applied it to every possible area of my face, but that I had … Continue reading